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Indoor bowls – Rules of the game

Indoor Bowls

The game of bowls is an interactive sport that has gained a high level of popularity across the world, but especially in English-speaking countries. Many people practice this activity, and international competitions take place every year to determine the best… Read more >


Indoor Bowling

This is to my I.S.P. Freeola @ without their help on several occasions the whole project may have taken longer. This is a new website, dedicated to the young bowlers of Scotland who are doing a grand job of… Read more >

Bowling Clubs

Bowling Clubs

I have great pleasure in adding a new Australian Bowling Club to the list page. Please take time to check out the Creswick Bowling Club’s Website, which is run by Ron and Joyce Head. It has plenty of information on… Read more >


indoor bowling club

I’m happy to include a new addition to the links page, and welcome Golf tickets. I recommend you to visit their site @ to book your golf match tickets. Please take note of this new website @ it’s… Read more >



Welcome to this website which is dedicated to the great game of Scottish Indoor Bowls. I’ve tried to make it entertaining, informative and fun with pages covering many topics, As you can see they are all laid out below, with… Read more >