Indoor bowls – Rules of the game

Indoor Bowls

The game of bowls is an interactive sport that has gained a high level of popularity across the world, but especially in English-speaking countries. Many people practice this activity, and international competitions take place every year to determine the best players in the game. Bowls is also one of the oldest games in the world, with some of the first accounts dating from the 12th century. Through the years, this sport has been a regular pastime for the royal courts of England, France, and other European kingdoms. Nowadays, you can practice indoor bowls with your escorts in a specially arranged location, or even in your home, if space allows it. Here are the main rules of indoor bowls:

What you will need

Indoor bowls are ideal for the cold winter months when outside activities are impossible to practice. You do not need too many items to have fun when playing bowls. The game requires a flat surface (a carpet), four bowls for each player and a jack. Some bowling facilities have certain types of floors, and you and your escort might need to get special types of shoes for it. However, you should check with the organizers if that is the case before reserving the venue.

How to play

The game of bowls is rather simple with straightforward rules. Nevertheless, the longevity of this sport stands in the time and practice you have to invest in developing high bowling skills. Do not despair if your first games transform into complete failures. The important thing is to participate and to entertain your escorts in the process. Here is how the game unfolds: you sit on one side of the mat, at least 23m from the standing jack, and you take with your competitors to see who can roll his bowl closer to it without knocking it over. The game continues by strategic throws of the bowls from their initial landing place to the nearest proximity of the jack.

How the scoring works

The scoring system in indoor bowls is very easy to understand. However, make sure that your escort is completely aware of it before starting the game, so you won’t have to debate the rules after every turn. Here is how it works: every bowl that you get closer to the jack than the opponent earns you a point. The game allows you to knock the opponent’s bowls farther from the jack or to set your bowls as blockers for his. The first to reach 21 points wins.

Work on tactics with your escorts

You can play Indoor bowls in teams, as well. Each team may have a maximum number of four players so that you can include three of your favorite escorts in your squad. Contrary to single games, the teams have fewer bowls per member, with every player being allowed to enter the game with two bowls. Played in this manner indoor bowls is very exciting and interactive, but it can also stretch for many hours in a row.

Develop your game

Indoor bowls are one of the few games that you can practice on your own, without the need of a partner. If you want to impress your escort at the new bowls tournament, then take the time to develop your skills. Invest at least six hours per day into practice, and you will inevitably become a better player in less than three months.